Chalk Markers by Frog Chalk


The Chalk Markers by Frog Chalk arrived safely and as scheduled. However, the box I received came in a bubbled envelop so the chalk markers box was a little warped.

The chalk markers comes in an easy to wrap rectangular box that measures about 5.6 inches by 3.75 inches by 1.6 inches deep.  It contains 10 assorted color chalk markers.  They are Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown, White and Black.  Each marker is about 5.5 inches in length with 0.6 inch diameter.

It comes with easy to follow instruction in the back of the box.  You simply release the tip of the marker and release pressure, then shake it well and allow the ink to fill the tip by pressing it down on.    You do have to repeat the last process when the ink runs out as you write.

The markers write smoothly on the white board as well as glass surfaces like windows.  But it is harder to erase than regular dry erase markers so you have to push your eraser a little harder to rub it off.

For a little shy of $20, I rate the Chalk Markers by Frog Chalk 4 out of 5 Stars. I hope the next version will be magnetic so I can leave it on the magnetic white board without losing them easily.

I obtained this product on the website below:


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