Pup Portraits: 10 Assorted Thank You Note Cards w/White Envelopes


The Pup Portraits: 10 Assorted Thank You Note Cards w/White Envelopes by The Best Card Company arrived safely and as scheduled.

This Thank you not cards set comes in a clear easy to wrap rectangular box that measures about 4.5 inches by 5.9 inches by 0.6 inch deep.  It comes with 10 cards with 10 different pup portraits with white blank envelops.  Each cards measures about 4 inches by 5.1 inches.

These cards are perfect size for writing Thank you notes to someone like to teachers at the end of the school year.  They are made with smooth finish and medium stock.

Although I prefer heavier stock and matt finish.  These cards are good to have around the house.  I rate it 4 out of 5 Stars.
*** I received this complimentary product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. My reviews only reflect my experience with the product. I am not affiliated with the company and did not receive any monetary compensation from them. ***

I purchased this product on the website below:



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