Ohuhu 12×50 Binocular with Case

Color: Black

Upon opening the box, you will quickly discover that it also comes with a black storage carrying case that measures about 8 inches by 7.5 inches by 2.75 inches in depth. It has a velcro opening in the front with a 1 inch thick black strap so you can travel around with it with ease.

This Ohuhu 12×50 Binocular is well construction and pretty heavy duty.  It comes with an adjustable width so it can accommodate adult or children. It has a rubberize body so it it non slip and comes with protective lens covers on both ends.  But only one side is attached to the binocular.

There’s also a black strap that is attached to the binocular so you can hang it around your neck similar to the style of a SLR camera.

It is pretty clear and focus quite well.  I was able to see something about 25 feet away very clearly as if it was in front of my face. I didn’t even need my glasses to see something clear where otherwise it would be completely blurry. Overall, I rate this binocular 4 out of 5 Stars.

In conclusion, I rate the Ohuhu 12×50 Binocular with Case 4 out of 5 Stars.  I appreciate that it is dust-proof, shockproof and rubber coated for indoor and outdoor.

*** I received this complimentary product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I am not affiliated with the company and did not receive any compensation from them. ***

This Ohuhu 12×50 Binocular with Case may be purchase on the website below:



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